What will issue the Dipolama Certificate?
Diploma Certificate Will be Issues By All India Institute of Local Self Government (AIILSG)

What Is the Duration of the Course?
It Is Artificial Intelligence Based Course. One You Are Ready to Take Exam, the Exam Is Ready for You, Hence No Gestation Period to Take Exam.

Is It Online Mode?
It Is All Online Study Materials, Videos Lectures and Exams Are Also Online.

What is Duration of Exam and Passing Scores?
60 Minutes 40 Answers by Ticking Options of Four. Minimum 50% Passing Score.

Who is Certificate Issuing Authority?
Saptakala Real Estate Academy Shall Issue the Physical Certificate.

Is Saptakala Real Estate Academy is Recognized?
The Saptakala Real Estate Academy Is an Autonomous Educational Institute Established for Skilled Training and Enhancing Knowledge in Real Estate Sector.

How Many Study Material in the Given Course?
4 Comprehensive Study Material Most Updated and Enlarged.

When Will I Get the Certificate?
Within 7 Working Days Through Courier.

What is Eligibility to Do the Course?
You Must Able to Read & Understand English. There Is No Eligibility. This Is Advance Diploma to Enhance Knowledge and Skill.