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Advance Diploma in
Real Estate Law

About Course

The Advance Diploma in Real Estate Law is a Most Advance and Updated Course on Real Estate Law and Legal Aspects of Real Estate Transactions.

Besides RERA and Other Allied Subject, The Course Covers Legal Terminologies, Drafting Skill, Due Diligence, Compliances.

This Course is Out Come After the RERA Have Set in Various Compliance and Real Estate Have Emerged as New Sector for Professionals.

You Need Not be Advocate to do this Course. Knowledge on Legal Aspect for Property Transactions is Must.

Course Design

Mode Online Including Exam Paper and Result
Study Materials Online PDF, Videos
Eligibility Graduate
Exam Online Selection of Answers Out of Four Options. One Hour 50 Questions.
Certificate Online, Hard Copy.
Fees Rs. 10,620/- (Inclusive of All Taxes)

Module I :
Introduction to Real Estate Law

  • RER Act 2016
  • Indian Contract Act
  • Transfer of Property Act
  • Indian Registration Act
  • Legal Frame Work of Real Estate Sector

Module II :
Title Investigation and Revenue Documents

  • Understanding Land Revenue Code
  • Hierarchy in Land Revenue
  • City Survey Offices and its Functions
  • Tehshildar and his functions
  • Collector and his powers, NoCs etc

Module III :
Legal Terminologies and Concepts

  • TDR
  • FSI
  • Accounting standards
  • Terminologies
  • Transaction Process
  • Due Diligence

Module IV :
Real Estate Compliance and Documentation

  • RERA
  • Income Tax
  • GST
  • Lis Pendens
  • Filing and Serving procedures
  • Vetting


Diploma Certificate*
e-Study Material
Video Lecture of Faculties

*Diploma Certificate Will be Issues By All India Institute of Local Self Government (AIILSG)


What Is the Content of the Course?
The Course Has Latest Syllabus of Real Estate, Law, Terminologies, Funding Avenues, Documentations, Trends, Accounting Standards, Reports and Research.

What Is the Duration of the Course?
It Is Artificial Intelligence Based Course. One You Are Ready to Take Exam, the Exam Is Ready for You, Hence No Gestation Period to Take Exam.

Is It Online Mode?
It Is All Online Study Materials, Videos Lectures and Exams Are Also Online.

What is Duration of Exam and Passing Scores?
60 Minutes 40 Answers by Ticking Options of Four. Minimum 50% Passing Score.

Who is Certificate Issuing Authority?
Saptakala Real Estate Academy Shall Issue the Physical Certificate.

Is Saptakala Real Estate Academy is Recognized?
The Saptakala Real Estate Academy Is an Autonomous Educational Institute Established for Skilled Training and Enhancing Knowledge in Real Estate Sector.

How Many Study Material in the Given Course?
4 Comprehensive Study Material Most Updated and Enlarged.

When Will I Get the Certificate?
Within 7 Working Days Through Courier.

What is Eligibility to Do the Course?
You Must Able to Read & Understand English. There Is No Eligibility. This Is Advance Diploma to Enhance Knowledge and Skill.

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who we are

who we are

About Saptakala Real Estate Academy

Saptakala Media has created landmark courses with 35 years of experience by its founder, Dr. Sanjay Chaturvedi, PhD in Real Estate Finance (

The courses are affiliated with the All India Institute of Local Self-Government.

The Advanced Diploma courses on Law and Finance almost all advocated updated and enlarged courses on Real Estate Law and Finance.

Saptakala Media is a pioneer in devising such courses with the most relevant knowledge and practical aspects of real estate.

Founded in 2019, the company has launched courses on social management in Maharashtra and has now come up with new updated courses on real estate law and finance.

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